Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weight Loss Success - Your Level of Motivation will Determine Your Level Of Success

We need to be realistic about weight loss! When it comes to making decisions to lose weight, the psychology involves is similar to when one is thinking about giving up any unhealthy habits (such as smoking, drinking and so on) for healthy ones. Giving up years of unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle, for a much healthier one, which involves eating healthier and exercising regularly, requires a certain degree of discipline. This can certainly poise a great deal of challenge for many people! However, with the right approach, support and motivation it can be done.

Motivation Is the Key
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Motivation is the key factor, when it comes to losing weight! The level of motivation will determine one's degree of failure, or in other words, their degree of success in achieving their weight control goals. Despite the fact that motivation is an inner drive, there’s no doubt that external factors can have tremendous impact on that inner desire to lose weight. In other words, external factors can help to reinforce those inner desire, forcing an individual to take the necessary actions needed to accomplish weight loss goals.

Examples Of External Factors:
  1. After observing friends, family members, co-workers or others successfully losing weight, this might force you to take action immediately, instead of keep putting it off. 
  2. After realizing that people around you are starting to look great and are now getting all the complements and attention.
  3. You might have known people who have died or even witnessed others battling with weight related illnesses.
All the above examples and more, can act as triggers that may force some individuals to take necessary actions needed to lose weight fast. These people are said to have already had an inner desire that are further reinforced by external factors.

Contrarily, there are those who are lacking that internal desire or drive. They are usually the ones who will be quick to let you know that they have no control over their weight. For these individuals, external factors do not act as trigger for them to take action to lose weight, because they have no internal desire to get rid of any excess body fat. They have already had the mind set on “I was born to be fat.”

It’s hard to tell whether this is a form of defense mechanism or not, but usually, the overweight individuals who lacks the motivation or internal drive to exercise and eat right will not make the least attempt to enroll in an exercise program or take up the challenge on their own. They have no problem telling you that they are okay with the way they are. People with an internal control or desire, on the contrary, find it much easier initiating various forms of weight control and adhering to weight loss programs.

Weight loss battle has continued to be a major challenge for many due to several reasons. However, I sincerely believe motivation is one of the biggest factors that are preventing more people from initiating and adhering to a weight loss program. In order for us to change this current trend, we need to first try to educate and motivate these people. It is important that these people know the several threats excess weight can poise to their overall health. They need to be reminded that they do have family, children and love ones who they might cause great grieves and pain, if they should die or become severely ill due to excess weight.