Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back Pain Help - What The Overweight And The Obese Individuals Need To Know

Back pain may be acute (short-term),lasting less than one month,or chronic (long-term,continuous, ongoing),lasting longer than three months. While it’s usually common to have several episodes of acute back pain, it’s unusual for one to experience continuous long-term back pain.

Back pain is known to be one of the most common reasons why people see a physician or a chiropractor each year. In most cases the back pain is usually associated with injuries suffered from workplace accidents, automobile accidents and competitive sports. However, many people also consult their health care provider with back pain problems that are related to many other causes. Other causes of back pain include obesity, poor posture, bad sleeping habits and more.

The back pain problems that most overweight and obese individuals often experienced is primarily due to tremendous amount of burden that has been placed on the spine. As more and more fat cells accumulate in the mid trunk or the abdominal area, the contents of the abdomen increases and the abdominal muscles become weakened.

Although some causes of back pain are very difficult to diagnose,as far as the obese individuals are concerned, one of the most likely reasons for their back pain is due to their overweight condition which leads to an increased abdominal contents and weakened abdominal muscles. The fact that they unable to or have not been doing much exercise due to the excess weight,this further leads to poor flexibility in the lower back. You can find additional information on back pain and back pain relief @http://http://www.portablebackstretcher.org/