Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feeling Frustrated About Weight Loss ?

Get Weight Loss Help From A Supportive Community

When you're trying to lose weight, doesn't it just seem like everyone is out there to sabotage your diet rather than give you weight loss help? Everywhere you look, there's doughnuts in the break room and bread bowls at the table. People are urging you to have "just one more" piece of pizza. It sure is hard to lose weight when there are so many opportunities to eat junk food.

To top it all off, people can be critical of you if you try to make healthy choices. You can't have a salad for lunch or turn down dessert without catching criticism.

Given this type of environment, how is anyone supposed to get healthy and lose weight? The key is to get weight loss help from a supportive community. Laura Fenamore, creator of Body Image Mastery, believes that this is one of the keys to releasing the weight that you are holding on to. When you are around people that love and respect themselves and others, it becomes much easier to lose weight.

Where, though, can you find people that are supportive in your decisions to work towards health? One of the first stops could be your very own home. Changing your habits can be much easier if everyone in the house is on board. Have a family meeting to discuss these changes. To get everyone excited about it, make sure that you don't focus on the things that you'll be losing, focus on the things that you'll gain. For example, instead of agreeing to eat less junk food, make an agreement to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes, you can't find the support you're looking for at home. Other times, family members may want to support each other, but may not know how. It's times like these that you need to look for outside support. Online communities, such as OnePinky.com allow you to connect with others all over the world -- people that are reaching for the same goals as you are.

If you've been struggling with your body's size and can't find the weight loss help you need, look for a strong community to support you. You'll be surprised by how quickly you can lose weight when you have support.

You don't have to constantly struggle by yourself. In general, most people are not self-motivated when it comes to losing weight; it does requires a lot of self-discipline to stick to your diet and exercise program when you are doing it all by yourself. However, it can be so much fun when you are working alongside others who have been in your "shoes" before and also those who are trying to achieve the same goals as you. just to make my point clear,hear the success story of one individual's who have tried everything and keeps failing, but has finally succeed with the help of a supportive group. Hear Laura's story at http://www.onepinky.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=156Laura is also feature on front of Women First Cover Magazine @http://www.onepinky.com/affiliates/articles/WomenFirstCover-Laura.pdf